2009. július 9., csütörtök


Na jó, még mindig itt vagyok. De már csak kettőt kell aludni...

Itt egy utolsó csemege. Még itt búcsúzóul kaptam egy parkolási bírságot, amit gyorsan megfellebbeztem. Már megint kiderült, hogy nem csak így lehet...

Tessék (bocs, hogy megint angolul, de ezek csak ezt értik...):

"To whom it may concern,

I'm writing to you with regards to enforcement notice 106285. I'd like to make a complaint about this fine I got today (the 6th of July).
In the morning I tried to pay the parking fee using the closest machine. It swallowed my coin without printing the ticket. I happened to find the parking officer who was wandering around. He promised I'd be fine; just asked for the registration number of my car. Later when I went back to the car I still found the parking fine on the windscreen. Then I drove away for about two hours. Having gotten back, I found the ticket machine being already out of order - just like the other one a little further away. This one was however "Running self test" continuously; exactly like last week, when both machines were dead as well. The only occasions I used this parking lot in the past one year were these two times.

Frankly, neither do I have time, nor the nerves to gamble on your machines. I'd much rather try my luck with the SkyCity slot machines that provide at least SOME level of service (Not to mention the remote, but still existing chance of making some money...). I'd be deligthed to see half of the resources spent on your parking officers being moved to the ongoing maintenace and/or replacement of the slot-machines. (One of my colleagues had the same sort of incident the other day in the same parking lot.)

I'm looking forward to hearing your view about the case.

Yours Sincerely,

Jozsef Talos"

Ja; egyébként emailen küldtem, úgyhogy a válasz ma be is futott:

"Hi Jozsef,

We have viewed the enforcement notice details and can confirm that our officer has not noted any conversation with you. However, due to the circumstances you have explained, we have decided to waive the notice on this occasion.

We apologise for any inconvenience.


Appeals Administration

Appeals Administration | Parking Control Services (PCS) | PO Box 109714, Newmarket 1149, Auckland, New Zealand | appeals@parkingcontrolservices.co.nz | www.parkingcontrolservices.co.nz"

Hát ilyen is van... :)

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  1. Üdv Jocó!

    Ha itt vagy magyarban, fatoronyos kishazánkban és feszített életritmusodba belefér, leguríthatunk egy sört :)


  2. Hali. Megpróbálom lenézni az iwiw-ről valami kontaktodat, mert csak most olvastalak...