2019. február 6., szerda


Most botlottam bele véletlenül egy komment thread-be a Redditen. Elgondolkodtató...

- Programmers are the coal miners of the 21th century... in the sense that we don't understand the long term effects of being exposed to a job like that.

- You mean "office work" and not "programming" or?

- I mean programming and I especially mean the mental side of it.. of course the physical side probably has a part in it too. What do I mean by the long term effects? In programming/IT years I'm quite old. I've been a programmer for... 25 years soon. I know my view might be biased but what I've seen happen to the fellow veterans during these years is quite sad. We all started as bright-eyed nerds who shared the love of hacking, learning new things and making the world better place... What has befallen us? Insomnia, depression, anxiety, burnout, suicide, some have switched careers, some are on disability... only precious few continue to do actual programming. Talking to mental health care professionals... I know I'm not just imagining things. This job really does take a toll on you.
Why? I'm not sure anyone really knows but... you need to learn new things all the time, concentrate, produce creative solutions on clock... you can never really wind down... For the first decade it feels challenging and exciting, then all the bullshit starts to catch up on you. Your outside of work life gets more hectic... and at some point you realize you don't even know how to shut your brain down. It's on overdrive but it's not effective... you start losing sleep... anxiety creeps in.
Maybe I'm just in the dark place and it's better for everyone else...

Én most tartok 20 évnél. Az álmatlanság már megvan. A depresszió felé jó úton haladok.

Nem szakmunkás. Nem favágó. Vájár, bazmeg. VÁJÁR!

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Ezt még a múltkor találtam az újságban - pont aznap, amikor a "YOU ARE LONDON"-plakát kikerült az állomásra (nem is mondanék hozzá semmit...):